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We love sharing what our customers think. Here’s just a small selection of feedback.

Lynne delivers a professional service and is extremely knowledgeable in many forms of therapies and treatments. I completely feel at ease when I am on the chair & know that whatever issue I have Lynne will be able to help. Coming from a professional background in Health & Fitness I refer many of my clients who […]


Lynne was amazing. I had had no help from other physios since falling down my stairs but Lynne really understood straight away what was causing me all the pain. I would recommend anyone to go and see her, excellent follow-up care too.


Lynne is incredibly knowledgeable and she helped me to get rid of the knots that had been in my shoulders for as long as I could remember. Her suggestions and exercises have helped me to feel so much better.


Lynne is very knowledgeable about muscle injuries and explained how she could fix me in two sessions. She was very kind and helped me to understand the nature of my injury. I had to trust and believe in her exercises and be disciplined and patient. I’m so pleased I did, as after a few weeks I […]


Lynne doesn’t just massage your tight bits…she works at tracking down why it’s happened in the first place. She worked on deep knots I had and suggested some exercises for me to do. I only needed two sessions before I felt a lot better. I know see Lynne every six months for a check-in.


Lynne is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She’s very good at what she does and she’s incredibly driven to help as much as she can. After receiving two very good massages from Lynne where she released a lot of tension and knots from my entire neck, shoulders, and back, I felt so much better. She also […]


Fantastic results. Lynne certainly knows what she’s doing and is very knowledgeable. Check out her blog posts too for further inspiration and support!


Lynne at Purple Freesia is great, she delivers a very professional, friendly service and I highly recommend her – she knows her stuff! Her knowledge during my initial assessment was very good. I went to Lynne with a couple of niggles that she was able to pinpoint and help me with. Lynne also explained why […]


After two years of lower back pain which contributed to depression, I met Lynne at a swimming event and after just two sessions with her, my problem was fixed. I had tried countless treatments only for the pain to return after a few days. But eight months after seeing Lynne, my strengthened glutes are still […]


I was at my wit’s end with a massively bloated right underarm, due to my lymph nodes being removed as part of cancer treatment. My right arm was extremely swollen. After two months of weekly Lymphedema massage with Lynne, my right arm reduced with the loss of 2 litres of excess fluid, and full mobility […]


With a pelvic break two years ago and a hip replacement, last September my mobility and posture were very much impaired. My son introduced Lynne to me as he thought that her treatments would help me regain my old self. I had two sessions of treatment before the lockdown occurred, and after both felt so much better, […]


I was really impressed by Lynne’s breadth of knowledge and her friendly and caring attitude. She was able to diagnose my issue and provide a wealth of knowledge in how it happened and how I could avoid it in the future. I have been back to see her since and would recommend her services.


I met Lynne about 5 years ago when I hired her as my personal trainer. Lynne showed me various different exercises, created my own exercise programs, and helped me with nutritional information. She gave me the encouragement and extra push I needed, and I saw swift results. Her sessions are excellent value for money, and […]


What a fantastic & empowering experience being trained by Lynne. I have learnt that I am a strong woman and can push my body further. She has taught me to not just focus on the main muscles which I thought exercise was initially all about but all the other muscles connected in order to get […]


Lynne has been absolutely amazing, I was struggling to get the weight off before I met Lynne I had only lost 1st in 4 months. I met her in her HIIT class at Yateleys gym. Even though she was fully booked she still took me on as a client as I was getting married in […]


Lynne is a shining light in the rehab and therapeutic world. Her knowledge is second to none and she will keep going, and keep going until she finds the solution! She listens to you, assimilates what you have said and asked lots of questions so that she can fully understand. Her tenacity is outstanding and […]


After seeing a local massage therapist for about a year , I used lynne to help me with a reoccurring injury and I must say I haven’t looked back since , I now trust and use lynne with any issues I have but now mainly for prevention of injury.


When diagnosed with unexplained infertility, Lynne provided me with an alternative approach to fertility treatment. She was able to provide reflexology to help relieve painful & heavy menstruation and also worked on regulating ovulation.


Loving this class. Now going to try Lynne’s HIIT!


Hi! Just wanted to say the TRX class I took at the weekend was amazing. I still feel the results.  Please please please can you add more classes of it, possibly hour long! Lynne was brilliant!

A customer
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